Monday, December 9, 2013

Super flexible IPad 2,3,4 / IPad mini covers

Introducing a brand new super flexible IPad cover that we discover pretty useful to be mated on your beloved IPad 2/3/4 or IPad Mini.

Compared to other covers selling in the market, this product offers the best practicality, yet light-weighted. The focus of this product is one-size-fits-all purpose. It weights at a respectful 200g for IPad covers, or 100g for IPad Mini covers.

For ease of use, this table cover has been designed in such a way that it can be "transformed" and folded for 4 usage patterns:
  1. Horizontal standing position - This works like IPad tri-cover, can be continuously folded and brings the IPad on upright position.
  2. Horizontal typing position - This position enable swift typing
  3. Horizontal back-support standing
  4. Vertical back-support standing
It also comes with an auto-sleep/wake function.

Horizontal standing position

Horizontal typing position

Horizontal back-support standing

Vertical back-support standing

Available in various colors, this IPad covers feels light in hand with plenty of grip, thanks to the texture surface front and back cover.

Multiple colors available

Grip rubber surface

This product is currently priced at RM60 for IPad Mini and RM65 for IPad 2/3/4.

If you are interest with this product just hop on to our Rakuten store to place an order, available while stock lasts. Should you want us to pre-order other color please feel free to contact us.

TODAY SPECIAL: 10x Rakuten Super Points, Hurry! Rakuten store

Great news! Rakuten is offering FREE 10x SUPER POINTs for TODAY ONLY when you shop at 1Shoppe Rakuten Store

As said this offer is valid ONLY FOR TODAY, hence from 10th Dec 2013 12:00:00 AM to 10th Dec 2013 11:59:59 PM.

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Thursday, December 5, 2013

2013 Christmas promotion is on!

2013 Christmas Promotion by 1Shoppe,com

As Christmas day is around the corner. is conducting a "Christmas Mega Sale" promotion event.

This promotion is this year's biggest and most comprehensive one we have ever conducted.

Never before we give more than 10% discount on our PREMIUM hand bag brands (AA Series), such as JustStar, Sammons and Nucelle, but NOW you can expect a good 15% OFF throughout the Christmas promotion period.

This discount is applicable on our Men's Bags (Premium Leather Bags & Wallet), Premium men's belts and Premium Leather and PU women hand bags (AA Series) categories.

Besides, you can also expect your product come with our ongoing FREE SHIPPING* offer, for any AA Series hand bags, plus a small Christmas gift to cheer up your day.

The promotion starts from 1st DECEMBER 2013 to 25th DECEMBER 2013. So do take this opportunity to dress yourself up.

You might be asking, how about other product on Are you going to offer any discount on them?

We suggest you sign up our newsletter to stay informed on our news update, because we will have another joined promotion on other products!

Hop on to now and start ordering!

* Free shipping for West Malaysia, RM7 discount for East Malaysia

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Promosi Hari Raya Puasa 2013

The comeback of promising big hit when we recently announced a slew of new promotions line-up. Today we are happy to bring you our new Hari Raya Promosi for year 2013.

From 2nd July - 2nd August 2013, simply checkout your cart with a minimum RM50 (on all products) to enjoy FREE SHIPPING* to your doorstep. Delivery period for Ready Stocks is 3 working days while pre-orders you need to spare for about 2-3 weeks. So place your order now to avoid the delay of receiving your Raya's beloved goods!

Simply click any category and add the items you want to make up RM50. Waste no time, hop on now.

* Applicable to West Malaysia orders only

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Deepavali Promotion! Get your goods in 15 days

Dear members,

We are glad to announce our latest promotion - Happy Deepavali SUPER PROMOTION which kicks off today (22nd Oct 2011) and valid through 25th Oct 2011, for a period of 4 days!

When you order and pay during this promotion period we are able to deliver your goods in 15 days (East Malaysia 20 days), rather than our standard lead time of 30 days. That's a significant 50% faster than normal lead time!!

What's more, there's NO EXTRA COST involved when the delivery time is shorten. A gimmick? No! Usually there's a express delivery charges involve for fast orders. You can refer to our SUPER EXPRESS DELIVERY page for shipping cost. But this time around we fully absorb the cost to boost sale. This directly benefits all our customers where you don't need to pay a single sen to enjoy fast delivery!

This exclusive promotion valid for only 4 days starting today so we encourage you to place order now before losing out from this awesome opportunity! To start there's no extra steps or cost involve. Simply go to our website, add your favorite items to cart and checkout! Our inteligent system will know it's a valid order and proceed with the necessary!

Still have questions? Ask us at! Otherwise, lets go shopping now!

** Kindly note when you place order within the said time period you'll still need to pay postage for the shipping method you chose (ie: ABX, Poslaju etc). It simply means you'll get your goods 50% faster. All other ongoing campaigns such as "Free Shipping when you order 3 items" and "2X reward points" still applicable throughout this campaign.

From, Team

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Faster pre-orders with Super Express Delivery

As per the subject described, we are excited to launch our new delivery service called "Super Express Delivery" which caters especially for urgent pre-orders.'s proprietorial Super Express Delivery, or SED is a unique shipping option offered by to all our customers who pre-order our goods. It's a faster delivery option designed to ship your goods direct from our supplier located oversea to your door, at an incredible speed.

The lead time of the order process is calculated from the day of payment and it takes just 7 days to deliver to Peninsula Malaysia, or 10 days for Sabah, Sarawak and Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan. That is a whooping 429% faster than an ordinary pre-order lead time.

This is good news for all our Malaysian customers because you are now able to get, see and feel your favorite products faster. You may also purchase products for your friends at a faster and more manageable speed. You can send birthday gifts, party and valentine present when time is critical.

All these wraps up an affordable fee. Check out the rates here. They are calculated based on total weight of an order.

So now catch-up the trend faster, with our Super Express Delivery.

Monday, July 25, 2011

New! LARGE SIZE dresses for Malaysia women!

Sometime ago, many of our customers had asked us to sell some PLUS SIZE Korean women dresses because fat women also want to be dressed up perfectly for the day.

We know that Malaysian ladies are averagely middle size but cannot deny the fact that there are quite big numbers of Malaysia women are oversize (and men too) but they too want to dress up beautifully, not because to show off, but mean to hide the awkward body fat and at the same time to ease their eyes as well as their friends'.

We have been talking to our suppliers on this matter and finally we've managed to sort out some perfect plus size fashion, having some perfect blend between Korean design and Malaysian tastes.

So here it is, some new plus size design. 27 designs of them at this initial launch. Go ahead give it a visit here. Who know you might fall in love with some of them...

Plus size is here at